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on administrative leave Monday.


via SMBC and wilty

The 4th day of my mini vacation is here. Not sure what I am going to do with it. Prob work down in the BorKade and do some yard work. Will get some posts in for sure. I have been making lots more posts recently. Before I was working on the stance that I would only post crap that I considered worthy and trying to not post stuff that most other sites like mine would have posted as well. Now I am feeling that a post only takes a minute and if I saw something that made me smile or think I should post it.

There are folks who can post here besides me, and they do, but if you are interested in doing the same let me know and I will set you up. For a while there I was getting dozens of registrations a day and I stopped looking for names I recognized. So my little side bar “about” is kind of a lie. If you are wanting post stuff let me know and we will get it set up.

As far as plans on the site. Main goal is to have the site be a mix of BorK and memakefood with the same theme and tabs at the top to go between so it seems like you are on the same site and can just flip back and forth between them easily. I know MMF is not all that, but I do not like the separation and repeating of posts on both sites. I also have 3 little projects in my mind that I need to act on. They are going to be fun and incorporated into the site. Pretty excited. Stay tuned.

And thanks for visiting this site. It really is amazing how many hits I get and fills me with joy all the time. It is all just a fun little thing to mess with and has been a great part of making my life a bit more fun.


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