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OMG OMG OMG portal prelude is out now OMG OMG OMG OMG

Seriously I am beyond excited. This is my absolute favorite game. Portal is awesome. I have prob played 12 hours worth in the last month. Love it.

Portal prelude is, well a prelude to portal. Is happens before GlaDOS and is much longer than the orig.
go here for more info

download from me iffin you want.

from an interview

GoY: Is there anything in Portal: Prelude which you are particularly proud of, or excited to gauge reactions from?

NG: Well… that’s a good question. There’s a test chamber that I really like, it’s the fourteen one, in advanced mode. It’s damn difficult and the way to solve it is a lot different between the regular story and the advanced mode. That’s my favourite. I’m also proud of the last level, because, basically, we stuck everything the game was able to handle in it. This level is freaking huge and nearly weights 100 MB alone. It’s a new environment, a new vision of the Aperture Science Complex and it’s also the end of the game, with a way more difficult boss than Portal’s one. We also tried to cross Chell’s (Portal’s heroin) path a few times without actually coming from the same door, without going to same way and without doing the same things.

UPDATE: Got about an hour under my belt. It is much trickier. It is all about the fling. Setting portals while flinging. WOW

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