OMG 3 new dews


The three new candidate flavors are Mountain Dew Typhoon (pinkish red), which is a tropical strawberry-pineapple flavor, Mountain Dew White Out (white), which is a smooth citrus flavor, and Mountain Dew Distortion (green), which is a lime flavor. The three new candidate flavors will be released on April 19, 2010 and last through the summer.

I did not know they would be doing this again, but got a nice surprise this morning and picked up all 3. I am pretty much a dew fanatic, and totally fall for their new flavors every time. I would rather drink diet dew, but the new flavors are a refreshing change. My all time favorite was dew black or midnight. Going to take me three days to test them out, and today is Distortion. The lime flavor is there, but I thought dew always had a lime flavor anyways. It actually seems to be less thick, but it still really sweet. The flavor is more in the aftertaste.

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