Oliver, the “Humanzee”

heard about Oliver from a poster on SCS, quite the cool chimp.

Oliver was habitually bipedal (before being struck with arthritis), never walking on his knuckles like his chimpanzee peers; and Oliver may have preferred human females over chimpanzee females (Shuker 1999). During a recent Discovery Channel special, Janet Berger herself claimed that Oliver was becoming attracted to her when he reached the age of 16. He mounted her and tried to mate with her.

from here

Unusual in that he walks in a bipedal gait and enjoys the company of people–or did when he was younger. He was originally brought into the U.S. with 12 other chimpanzees but immediately stood out as different. He learned to drink, enjoy coffee and beer, and smoke cigars. In the evenings he would sit on a sofa and watch television. If his caregivers were out of coffee, he would walk into the kitchen, pour a cup, and take it into the den. As he got older, he made sexual advances on the wife and as a result was sold. Now living in retirement in Texas.

I have been trying to get T to let me get a helper monkey for months, maybe I should get a chimp. I will name him / her Kittythunkel.

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