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Oh Perry, you’re extraordinary, You’re kinda short and hairy, The color of a blueberry, Yes Perry!

Prob not news to folks who know me, but we watch a lot of cartoons. We used to watch a lot of news channels during lunch or while making dinner, now it all P&F (we still watch news hour on PBS (nothing compares)). We are very current and are tired of the crap that pretends to be news. But watching a very well done cartoon during those times makes us so much happier.

Phineas and Ferb is a really great cartoon. A friend showed me it and we DVRd some episodes and thought it was pretty cool. Decided to DVR it every time it is on, which is a ton spread across the two disney channels. Right now it is my favorite show. Yupo a kids cartoon. It is pretty advanced though, and lots of references to stuff us adults will get. It follows a very specific formula every episode, but they mess with it all the time. They have a song in every show and my two faves are the one above and the one below.

It has crept into my life in a scary way. We are watching about 2.5 hours of P&F a day. So I talk like Dr Doofenshmirtz all the time and add “inator” to stuff. It is hard to control. Theresa keeps saying “Whatcha doooooin”…….

If you have never watched I suggest you DVR or watch an episode. They are all over youtube too.

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