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NRD Trails are closed to bicyclists due to unsafe cracks from drought conditions. This affects the MoPac East (east of 84th), Oak Creek, and Homestead Trails.



LINCOLN (NE) August 21, 2012 – The Lower Platte South Natural Resources District has closed its three recreational trails to bicycle traffic effective immediately. The trails are cracking due to the extreme drought conditions, creating a hazard for the many bicyclists that utilize the trails.

The NRD, according to General Manager Glenn Johnson, has been trying to repair the cracking for about two weeks, “but new cracks keep opening up and the filled ones are re-opening.” Johnson said the cracks are deep and some are wider than a bicycle tire and more open up every day. He said, “At certain times of the day, shadows make it difficult to see the cracks, making it very hazardous for bicycles.” Signs will go up as-soon-as possible, but Johnson said the NRD’s MoPac East and Oak Creek trails are closed to bicycles effective immediately and the portion of the Homestead Trail owned and maintained by the NRD, from Saltillo Road to Cortland is also closed to bicycles, totaling about 50 miles of trails.

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