not liking the smell of bacon?

Gordon Ramsay is one purdy cool dude. We watch Hell’s Kitchen, kitchen disasters, and well anything with Gordon in it. he is a royal douche when it comes to dealing with people. Once again I just love seeing people cry, and Gordon makes a lot of people cry.

So apparently his restaurant is pissing off some of his neighbors who complain that the smell of bacon is making their life miserable. They even called it an unbearable stench.

“First thing in the morning on the weekend the smell of bacon permeates the air and we can’t open our windows.

Fricking whiney bastards. I would pay to have a bacon cooking place wafting sweet bacon essence into my house every morning. (actually I live pert near cooks foods, but it is not very bacony). he should knock on their doors and make them cry, that will show them.

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