not gonna even try to see if 3rd time is a charm. Pan fried chicken


It is no secret that I am an Alton Brown fan. I really wanted to try his southern fried chicken (vid 1 / vid 2 ) a second time after my first attempt was not a success. Well epic burned fail on last nights try.

I know exactly what went wrong. First i started to get into a rush towards the end while making it and forgot to dredge the chicken in flour. Yeah I know. I pulled it out of the oil and floured it in a desperate attempt so salvage the meal. Second I had the pan so full of chicken that I could not get a good read on the temp. I saw some browning way too early and saw the oil was at 385. Picked up a piece and saw it was burnt black. I finished the other side while the delivery guy was on his way.

It is just too easy to get popeyes or KFC to try again. I am fine with disappointment. Maybe in a few years when we live on a farm or something.

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