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Non-meteorologist’s guide to meteorology (for NERDS!!!!!!)


Pretend the barb is an arrow, like the kind fired from Robin Hood’s bow. The direction the arrow is flying in is the direction the wind is going. The little lines sticking out in the back are the wind speed – a single line represents 10 knots, a half-line is 5 knots, and a triangle is 50 knots. So a triangle and two full barbs equals 70 knots. Cool? Cool.

A good buddy of mine Nick was a weather man for the army. He has spent many long missions in Antarctica with penguins in the military and in the Bahamas doing non military weather work. So when your local TV weather person figures out the local weather they are using the stuff he was doing. He decided to do a post on what that all involves and it is really cool. Like really cool.

Head over to the SCS forums for the thread to check it out. It is darn interesting. I love the vapor map.

Nick loves old school video games and is a weekly visitor to the BorKade. I can’t seem to find the penguin pics he took, but he did bring me back a stuffed penguin I need to embalm sometime here soon.

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