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new pin in the BorKade: Star Explorer


I saw this Star Explorer pin on CL last night after work and ran out to pick it up for $50. This was the first pinball machine I ever played because it was in my basement growing up. My dad bought it from Sears or Wards way back in the day. I bet I have played over it 1000 times. The foil plating on the side rail was peeling on the one my parents had. My brother had some friends over because we were going to see a star wars movie one night. To show off how cool I was to his friends I tried to rip the foil off and ended up getting my first stitches from the cut.

It is about 1/2 the size of a real pin. It has some Bally parts in it, but uses electrical contact between metal contacts that are glued to the playfield instead of switches for the pop bumpers and slingshots. Both flippers are controlled by one solenoid, so they both flip when either button is pressed. The flippers are full size, but set back so they act like smaller flippers. I disabled the tilt. It plays a lot like an older pin and is actually kind of fun. I am going to clean it up a bit and put new rubbers on it last night. They ball that came with it was very magnetized, so I swapped it out. It was the first time Theresa helped me get a pin into the basement

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