Never have I been so cited over concrete. Paving has begun on the Jamaica north trail north end


They are starting under the A street bridge and heading north. 4th street is really nice to have and I have been giddy for a while seeing the wide curb ramps. Got Fuggles out for a run before the storm and saw a portapotty in the distance. We raced sown there and I saw this beauty. Oh man it is going to be pretty cool.

When they paved 4th street it was a bunch of work. It was a rail line with gravel roads on both sides. The paving gave folks on both sides more lawn which was seeded late last fall with some sort of seed spray. It sat like that all winter till it started to grow this spring. Last week they used a huge tractor mower and cut the grass from A to J. It seemed kinda odd to me, but now I know it was because they are paving the trail šŸ™‚

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