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Nebraska Global: We invest in viable, long-term software companies and seek to build an influential technology environment in Nebraska


Nebraska Global has opened up in Lincoln. The Journal Star had a couple features on them this Sunday.

New company aims to develop home-grown software entrepreneurs.

“People come up with an idea and think everyone will buy it,” Kiene said. “We try to teach young folks here that an idea is not a product, and a product is not a company. It takes a process.
“Software companies fail because they don’t bring in enough money — duh.”
The lab is there to incubate people, Kiene said, to help them mature, to help them create companies that create jobs.

Some of Nebraska Global’s young entrepreneurs.

Nebraska Global is exactly what I was looking for out of college. There was nothing else like it. Some buddies and I have wanted to start a company for a few years now, but we didn’t have the resources or experience to make it happen. Nebraska Global gives us exactly that, while allowing us to make decisions, follow our passions, and learn like crazy. – Nate Lowry

I have been working with them a little since late December. Their office location is a beautiful area on the 3rd floor of the old Salvation Army building in the Haymarket. Nate contacted me and wondered if I would be willing to work on some pinball machines owned by Steve Kiene that they wanted at the location to provide entertainment. I joined up with a friend, who I got my Super Mario machine from, and we both put in some late hours getting a few machines ready for a celebration. I currently am working on a Funhouse for them and it has been quite enjoyable working on the machines, and with them.

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