my thumbs hurt. Darn you super paper mario

We have been playing the heck out of this game. I try to stay a bit ahead of Theresa so I can help her through some of the levels. But my darn bike riding habit allows her to get much further than me. Often I will consult the walkthrough for a few hints. It is pretty cool that T is so into it. She does not have much experience with video games. So her skills in a usual 2D mario scrolling game are not all that honed, but her mental skills are. This game is pretty easy, yet still a blast to play.

Been about 2 weeks since we have had it and we are both about on the 5th level. Looks as if there are only 7 levels in the game. I have logged over 10 hours of game play. I even have dreams about it. Think I need to get back on the bike.

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