my special little girl


So Zoey is not all that bright. We figured it was just because she is a puppy, but she is not really blossoming into a smart pup. Maybe we should train her more, but nothing seems to stick. She just looks at you and tilts her head all cute, but does not do what you say. We have come to grips with it though. At least she is cute.

Speaking of anal glands…. We were gifted with a release on the carpet last night. Fuggles and Zoey play really rough all hours of the day and last night there was a mini fight and ewwwwwww. Seems dogs release when scared. Nothing like mopping your carpet. We hope to be able to clean the carpets soon, but are waiting for Zoey to get a bit better, but she is still having a few accidents a couple times a week. le sigh

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