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my QCC Explorer destructed 50 feet up in front of about 30 cub scouts. IT WAS AWESOME

The THOR rocket club was invited to demo some rockets at the Lincoln cub scout launch day. The scouts built their rockets and launched them this morning. They were racing 3 rockets at a time and the kids were having a blast. 20 MPH winds made it interesting for sure. 2 other club members launched some sweet rockets and I set up my QCC Explorer with a 24MM E18-4W composite reload. The forward seal failed and it had a CATO at about 50 feet. The propellant shot into the rocket and made it spiral out of control in a sweet as heck fireball and it was still burning when it hit the ground.

The scouts counting down was just awesome as heck and they loved seeing the destruction. I let it cool down and got to show off the destroyed rocket inducing many ooooohs and awes. I brought along a bunch of rockets for display and so did the other guys. The scouts did great on their launches and loved seeing the more complex rockets. We are invited back for future launches and I will attend for sure. Good times.

I was able to launch my Purp Ertha on a D12-5 with a streamer sucessfully.



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