my intestines will mis you taco man


Although it has been years since I gulped down some 25 cent tacos, I still remember them perfectly.

LJS article

Michele Landolt said he began selling them 25 years ago at Jacks or Better, a former tavern in north Lincoln, and later at C Gee’s, which became Knickerbockers in 1993.

“They go great with beer, and they are fun food to eat,” Landolt said in 1998. “You can pick them up and wolf them down and get your money’s worth.”

Landolt filled each crispy shell with ground beef, lettuce, cheese and a choice of one of his homemade sauces — mild, spicy and his infamously hot “mofo.”

“It will melt the chrome off of anything,” Knickerbockers employee Chris Hussey said. “That’s the way George made it … it’s the hottest stuff you’ll ever have.”

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