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my house is covered in hoark. Wanna come over?

Theresa was feeling ill and made it home after work to find two piles of animal vomit, one mostly cleaned up and the other steaming fresh. By the time I made it home it had been cleaned up, but I took over the carpet cleaning duties. Nothing like mopping your carpet. Was not sure which dog had done it, but Thunky Lou did not eat his dinner and they all crashed on Theresa’s bed for a nap. While They all slept I did some stuff outside and came back in to some more surprises, little ones. Theresa got up and we got some food and then more surprises, more mopping the carpet. Thunky was not doing good and his eyes were really dilated, around 11 PM he seemed to be doing better and ate his food. Over night more puke. Can’t wait to go home for lunch, although this morning everyone seemed fine.

UPDATE: No puke over the lunch hour. It would seem like they got into something, but we have the place pretty secured and doubt they would share food. Theresa did say the trashcan lid was open, but I cannot think of what they might of found in there to make them sick. Maybe Thunky got something and fuggles stole it from her.

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