my first and last baconator


Had to stop by the post office (rant below) and figured a jr bacon cheeseburger would be good. Then I just figured WTF I will try the damn baconator since folks ask me about it all the time. No need to finish it I thought. And the whole kids in China never worked on me anyways.

Thing felt like a brick and the side I looked at seemed there was no bacon. It was like biting into a warm stick of butter. All the bacon was wadded up in the middle and was so greasy. That was as far as I made it and I feel even dirtier than normal now.

So USPS. I am waiting on a package from Germany and it has been a long time. The sender inquired why I had not replied about receiving it and she is wanting to send replacement. I told her to chill for a bit and I would be patient. I called the post office, which is a national single # and got nowhere, so I headed down to the post office and inquired if they needed a person home to deliver it, put a sticky on the door, and it blew off in the wind. Without a tracking # they could not assist. I bet you FEDEX could list off every package I have gotten in the last year down to the minute it hit the porch. They have such amazing tracking it is scary.

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