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My dog drinks from the toilet, it tickles.

Well fuggles has not yet figured out that there is an eternal spring in said porcelian bowl, but it intrigues her. She is however amazed by my pee. Hmmmmmmm……? how do I splain this?
Well I try to not let her even know I am male 🙂 , puppy teeth need not go there. But I will not lock myself in the bathroom to do the biz. Srry I own my house, I will do what I want and there aint gonna be any closed doors.

Well it all started on a walk down a trail where I had a few refreshments and made onsies a bunch. i had to spin around in circles to keep her from lapping at the stream. It has become a game now. I will not lie, she has tasted urine and does not seem to care. This poses problems. I have to keep aim when home and fend off puppy attempts. I sure as hell aint gonna stop mid stream, it hurts.

Then we get to the sit down twosies. Now she has not (STOP READING IFFIN YOU KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING) gotten in there, butt (he he) she will make attempts to lick my severe outer cheek. It is not even funny. it hampers urgent matters. Diversionary tactics must be employed.

I guess this is a plea for help via the dog whisperer. Cesar please help me go to the potty.

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