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my but is still dry. What a fun time

so today was the first annual cabin fever killer. bummer it was kinda sucky day, but oh well. So it was an alley cat scramble. We had to go to 4 bike shops and give the employees a gift of food or beer. You could take any route and had to stop off at a store in between each one to get a gift for the next bike shop. Lots of prizes, I got two blues pint glasses and a blues T-shirt. There were a bunch of prizes donated by surly, folks, and all the bike shops. Bike peddelers got a keg to finish off the day. Was a bunch of fun.

I got 2nd to last place. last going to a cool lady who rode a strange bike, a pugsly for fun. I am just not been riding enough lately and was in no hurry. Stopped and goofed off at all the shops.

Millhouse won it (the pic). Check the shenanigans here. I had a fender and the moots got good and dirty. Felt really awesome to be back on the bike.

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