my brooks saddle is getting broke in well with the rain

Kind of sad that I do not have a window to stare out of at work anymore. I cannot tell when it is gonna rain. I use old fashioned brooks leather saddles on my bikes. They are a bit heavier, but the fit and durability cannot be beat, unless you let them get wet.

The one in the picture there has had a super soaking. I sat on it to get home in a huge storm and stretched the crap out of it. it dried all strange and I had to tighten it a bunch to get it back into shape. it is really broke in. On my commuter I have been rolling a new one and I proofided it (conditioning wax) so it is pretty soft now. Well the fact that I keep forgetting to throw a plastic over it when rain might be in the forecast has let it get soaked a few times. It is just about perfect now. Just need to remember to cover it so it stays nice.

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