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my bike was in the thiefs hands for maybe 10 minutes


Robert Payne of 2230 E street dropped off my bike he stole to BB&R pawn the day he stole it. He got $40. Something about how fast it ended up there and how I reported it missed each other in the database. It sat in the back room for 16 months until they ran the serial numbers once again. It is in the exact same condition as it was the day it was stolen. Had to get some air from MWC, picked up some grips, proofide, and a schrader adapter and rode it home. The front shock needs some air, the light was still on it, I am happy.

Everyone I tell seems pissed that I had to pay $40 to get it back, I consider myself extremely lucky to have gotten it back so cheap. When your bike gets ganked it changes ya. Every person I saw on a bike got the stare down till I saw it was not my bike. Every pawn shop window got a glance as well as all bike racks around town. Glad I will not have to do that anymore.

I am really glad to have it back so it can become my work commuter. I would rather it get stolen again than my full suspension. But that is not gonna happen with the faghettaboutit.

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