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Multiple Jesui theory

Yes I was raised catholic, yet I have other beliefs on the proper way to think of those who might of made me, or are destined to save me.
Most of my pondering comes from everyday life, yet I also spent 9 years in a catholic school, wich has shown me an abundant ammount of information and raised questions.

I have many different ideas on the whole jesus thing, and will not delve into actual belief or lack there of. I will not chastise any specific religion, just question some of the beliefs that are replicated to those who believe. I have respect for all of the good that can come for people being able to find a pourpose with their life through biblical beliefs. I will break it down into basically 4 parts:

1. is there only one jesus for our earth?
2. is there more than one jesus in the universe?
3. Has he come back already?
4. Our surroundings?

By now you might be able to bypass this whole thing. I ask you to at least hear me out. None of this is meant to spread hate, just raise other possibilities.

1. Yes we are humans, we have special thumbs, we can reform and reshape the earth into our desires. Does a higher power view humans as the most important? Are humans what the earth was created for? Are we the most important inhabitants of the planet?

Those who follow the teachings know that only humans have souls deemed viable by christ. Do you agree? How on this planet can I be convinced that I am more important than a lama? Do lamas not deserve the same goals and rewards beyond earth life as other living creatures on the planet?

I firmly feel that I am as important if not exactly equal to any other living thing on this planet. Be it a mighty lion or bacterial cell. I share this wonderfull planet as an inhabitant as do all other living entities on this rock. What makes me the most special that only my kind has a soul?

Desmond Tutu said:
“A person with ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, for he or she has a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole.”

Ububtu means: Ubuntu is an African concept of “humanity towards others”. It’s “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”.

I truely believe that if there is a human jesus there must also be one for every other lifeform on the planet. Yes, insert dolphin jesus, iguana jesus, panda jesus, and so on untill every god made thing can be saved by “their jesus” to avoid the assured non salvation.

Please tell me that kittens should go to hell for not having special thumbs.

2. Take a look up into the sky. See all of those stars? almost any of them could have a planet or two circling around them. I do not need to go into a discussion about other life forms to make this point. There is a possibility that some kind of life might be out there.

As far as the stars that you see. They are all in one galaxy of an unknown number of galaxies. Every one of them has stars that might have planets with some form of life. So you are maybe thinking that if there is only one god, and with my theory of the possibility of other life on any of them dots, jesus would be mighty busy.

Jesus would need to be born and die over and over again, when ever god deemed the planets most intellegent life forms worthy of redemption. Could one jesus handle the unimaginable task of saving that many different planets lifeforms souls? In this situation, multiple jesui would be necessary without question. Could we expect one jesus to suffer contiounsley for an eternity just to make his dad happy? would you ask that of your jesus, or be responsible for the consequenses of living a good, productive, and giving life by your self?

3. Has he come back again? I for one find some of the stories to be a little embellished. Jesus was not a magician, yet I feel often he was made out to be. He had an imeasurable ammount of love for those less fortunate and set a great example. I will give him that. Did he perform magic tricks like they want us to believe? Could he circumvent the laws of physics just to make a point and get more followers / believers. Yes some people believe that David Blane can levitate.

I think that if jesus was bound to the earths laws he would just be a really good guy with a few different ideas.
If somebody like that showed up today, we would lock them away and fill them with pills.

Lets take a little break…. breathe and forget that this is written by a non democratic liberal…………… ah did that not feel good?

I want to make it known that the love for jesus is a very powerful force on this planet. It makes people “be good”, it fills people with that warm fuzzy feeling, and for that jesus fricking rocks!!!!!

4. OK this is my absolute favorite and I hope it will make you smile, for it makes me smile.
I believe that there are jesui everywhere you look. From a newborn baby, to a thistle. Tell me that you can’t look at a thistle and see the amazing beauty that it holds. Sure it is a naoxious weed that causes problems for farmers, but it’s design is incredible beauty. The sharp leaves, the imense reproducing capabilities, and the pretty purple color could be from evolution or something greater. That is where my whole multiple jesui thing comes from. I get the same unbelievable feeling from a thistle that jesus believers get from scripture. Every where I look, I see jesui. There must be something really cool going on besides chance. Does that mean I believe in a higher power? Well yeah, yet it be the higher power that we all contribute to. Plants, bugs, cows and everything on this rock. If you ask me everything on this rock is sacred and deserving to my respect. The higher power is our survival and dependance on eachother.

I ask this of you who have made it this far in this post: Respect those and the earth around you. You only get a insignifacant speck of time on this rock, make the most of it. Do not spend the time you are blessed with by being dissapointed with those around you. Live each day that you have been given to the fullest, embrace the things that make all of us unique, and work on making this rock the best it can be for those who will inhabit it after us. For we all want the best for our descendants, brothers, and ourselves.

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