Mr. Peanut trying to play me for a fool


Those should be called meh… peanuts. There is no extreme heat going on in that package there. I pretty much survive work because of the heat peanuts and this pack there was something not right. I decided to ask Mr. Peanut, if that is his real name, WTF?

Seems an ingredient was left out of a batch of these. I bought two packs and I am guessing the paprika was left out. II still have a full package if you need them shipped to you. The flavor was really bland and not spicy at all. Red color was missing which made me guess the paprika was left out.

Also if you could get sams club to sell these that would be awesome đŸ˜‰ I am aware that you do not offer the heat peanuts in all the sizes that your other products come in, just a suggestion.

Thanks. I have not given up on you. Stay classy Mr. Peanut.

I did end up with a $2 gift cert from hersheys and Bacos responded to my smelly urine Q so will see.

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