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moots mooto-x ybb my dream bike is done

this thread is gonna be a work in progress for quite some time. Will let you know when it is done though.

Major super duper kudos to the monkey wrench for building it

first round of pics here

got the thing out to the park last night, it was unpossibly more betterer than I could of imagined.
I have been giggling nonstop for 12 hours straight.

A not complete list of components:
– 18 inch mooto-x ybb
DT swiss hubs with custom laser etching
– a917 mavic rims
– WTB nano raptor (rear), exiwolf (front)
– XTR rear cassette
– XTR dir’s
– XT crank
– paul thumbies with dura ace bar end shifters
– Jones H bar
– 2007 Reba SL fork
– Moots laid back seatpost
– my trusty used b-17 leather sadle
– Thompson 110 stem (gonna be 120 here soon, borrowing from MWC at the moment)
– Avid ultimate levers
– Avid BBDB 7 disc brakes
– shimanno SPD’s

According to my not very accurate bathroom scale, it is about 27 lbs. Not too shabby for a 29’er.

It rides so amazing.
– I can bunny hop on it like nothing I have ever experienced
– The front is so light. I almost ate it going off a curb cuz I expected it to take a bit to get the front up, I almost flipped over backwards.
– The DT swiss hubs roll like butter and engage like a shark.
– shifts like butter
– The ybb, laid back post, and big ol wheels suck up every bump. It makes the old dual suspension feel like a rigid. Completely serious, I am amazed.
– That reba is the fricking bomb, it floats like silk.

I can hardly describe how it feels on the trail. I was under the assumption that it would feel like a big wheeled bike, take more effort to turn and handle, and feel big. It is so responsive, it blows me away. I look like I am epeleptic on it. Every movement I make flows right thru the bike. It turns on a dime. I was literaly turning too sharp in the beginning, cutting corners too hard. It makes the GF double squishy seem like a barge.

I had to keep telling myself it is a 29’er, it felt just like my 26 inch bikes, no school bus action here.
It is so light, it seems like I am riding a piece of styrofoam. It accelerates like nothing I have ever experienced, it is as if it pulls me along. I was rocking it, I can actually say I ride faster, it just goes.

So being titainum it does have a little flex to it. The front triangle is solid, the big tubes do their job. The rear stays do have some flex. it is so strange feeling it do its thing. it is like riding a solid piece of liquid metal (cannot describe). It hooks up so fricking sweet, I love the feeling.

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