Modern Monks teams up with Misty’s and the beer is great

The brewery at Misty’s downtown is reborn and producing amazing beers. Modern Monks brewing has teamed up with Misty’s. I brewed in that brewery for 7 years and towards the end of my time there and after I was gone the quality of the beer was not that great. The Monks brought their brewing skills into the brewery and have done some major renovation of the equipment so they can produce quality brews.

Last night there were 4 generations of brewers standing around in awe of what has been done by the Monks moving in. The beer is tasting fantastic. They are bringing back monday night pints for $2.00 starting now. The Monks are still producing a few of the standard Misty’s beers and their own offerings. If you have had a bad experience with the beers at Misty’s in the past do not let that scare you away from their beers now, they are delicious.

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