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Modern Monks barrel aged brew tapping party Monday 5PM

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The Modern Monks are releasing what they are saying is a first in a soon to be long line of high end, superior quality beer from their barrel aging program. Everyone does a Russian Imperial Stout, but one thing the Monks wanted to focus on is making sure this was not another thin representation of the style that have been out on the market in the past. Accomplishing the level of mouth feel while shooting for a beer in the 10% ABV is not easy, but they have done it!

They are particularly proud to say that while it does take some extra time and nurturing to bring barrel aged beer to maturity, they refuse to have consumers paying some of the ridiculous prices that have been seen as of late for these barrel aged beers.

“When you have a labor of love that turns out this fantastic we want to share it with the public, especially those in our own market. What we don’t want to do however is to charge 6 dollars or more for 5 ounces of beer. If we did that we would be doing our core consumer base, and the beer, a supreme injustice” ~Josh Ames Modern Monks

Here are some tasting notes:

Deep chocolate fudge brownie and French pressed coffee with well balanced notes of Bourbon, oak and vanilla. Dark chocolate carries long into finish. Sinfully decadent and delicious. ~Jason McLaughlin BJCP Master Judge

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