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mmmmmmmmm……. beer


I cannot lie, I am a lush. i go through a few cans of beer a week. I usually stick with old style or high life, but it has been a really long time since I have had Busch Light. Man that stuff is like water. it goes down so much like water it is scary. i picked up an 18 pack from a local store and noticed it was a bit heavier and bigger than usual. i looked and they are 16 ounce cans, which is cool as heck.

Also have you heard about AB American ale? Seems AB might be making a good beer here soon. i am looking forward to trying it when it is released Sept 29th.

And I will be reviving my keg in the house situation here soon. After getting the upright freezer I have freed up a junker fridge that will work beautifully as a keg fridge. Also I am planing on having a little get together in a week or so. Gotta share some BBQ, pinball, and a keg of easy drinking beer. Details to come.

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