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mini kinda trip thing for me


I am amazed that a one way flight to Los Angeles from Omaha only costs $124.70 after tax. My friend will be paying me that for the ticket I just bought from expedia in cash when he picks my ass up at LAX at 11 PM.
My friend wants to come home to Lincoln after learning that $10 an hour in LA can hardly pay the bills while he is finishing college. He needs the cheap and good life.

I will be driving the U-Haul from LA to Lincoln while he drives his truck with his pooch and dirty clothes. Not much planned besides driving, but I am gonna be sure to get lots of pics of the natural beauty of the interstate 🙁 This is one of those drive till we tire, sleep at a rest stop, then keep going trips. Should take two days tops. He said he is gonna help me clean my garage as payment. He has no Idea of what he has gotten himself into. Sucker 🙂

Any one know of some large ball of twine or something we can stop at?

Theresa kinda bummed at me cuz I hardly pay attention and I will be leaving the day she gets her braces, but she is gonna be kind enough to drive me to the airport I hope. Third time in a week I have heard “you owe me big time”.

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