meow…. Nebraskan is a Playmate

LJS article

so usual morning routine. Read letters to the editor while on the pot. Still sitting, look at front of local sections. See she is signing the centerfold in the pic. Go straight over to my table with the freshly packaged playboy. Open it up and go to the big 12 section.

Scan the chix for the Nebraska ones. See a big ol pic of a uber hottie, oh crap Nebraska, read the upper corner. Once Hef saw her pic he knew he had this months centerfold.

meow hubba hubba. Unfortunatly her centerfold is horrible. Wearing some yellow and black striped tight sweater. Usualy it takes minutes till I actually notice any of the centerfolds clothing, but it was the first thing I noticed.

so in the paper it is a continued story. Her second picture shows her signing her centerfold and you see the nice rock on the finger. Found that amusing.

Anyway. GO NEBRASKA. Congratulations Jordan.

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