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meet Zobert and Fuggles cousin, Lucy


Lucy is a cute little Cavalon girl they adopted from the humane society. They figure she is 2-4 years old and was spayed Monday. She is really sweet and loved her kennel. House trained and knows sit and come. She needs to gain a bit of weight, but was really happy to be in her new home and loved her toys and kid to play with. She is going to have a great life. Thanks guys for rescuing a life long friend.

On the pic… I got about 6, but most did not come out well. The flash scared her and I felt bad so all the other shots were blurry cuz she was on the move and no flash. She was out of the kennel most of the time we were there and enjoying the house and kicking it with her new family. We brought over some soft liver treats to aid with training and gave some tips. She loved the long doggy toy from petsmart and put it in her kennel. There are a million training tips folks can give, and we hardly practice what we preach. Have you met Zobert? Zobert is a little bitch who needs training. Lucy is really chill and I doubt much training will be needed at all. She is a sweetheart and will bring them lots of joy.

Congrats guys.

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