me and LCD’s have a troubled relationship

(not my phone, the damage is much worse)

I have cracked many LCD screens. Both of my digital cameras have shattered LCD’s, many watches back in the day, a 5 day old laptop, and now my phone. The glass is shattered and the LCD is cracked. I do not wear a watch and the front display has been my time piece for a while. I used a toothpick to get the small chunks of glass out and it shifted the big glass shards. Ended up putting some clear packing tape over it to keep from cutting myself.

Sigh….. It will cost to much to fix and uscellular calls it unfixable. I found out that my 2 year contract is up, which is cool, but I do not want to sign a new 2 year contract yet cuz I want a more functional phone. I would love an iphone, but with the macworld going on I bet they will announce a newer version of the iphone and it will take a bit to come out. A gphone would be nice as well.


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