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maybe my nose is trying to tell me something

I have a septum ring in my nose. I never let it hang out like the guy in the pic above. I use a silver retainer. It is the only piercing that survived from my days as a NE licensed body art practitioner (really need to finish the all my jobs tag). I love that it is hidden, and how people see it glimmer sometimes and ask if I have a metal nose. Plus I absolutely love picking my nose and playing with it. Oh and sticking things through the hole like a toothpick to freak people out.

Well last night I must of pulled it out in my sleep and thrown it. I got to work and realized it was gone, panic set in. I do have some other 10 guage bits that would keep it from closing up, but the retainer was hard to find. It has happened before. It is not that it simply falls out while I am sleeping. First it is in there pretty good, second I find it far from my bed. I better pick up an extra just in case.

At least I do not sleep walk or sleep eat.

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