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Maximus Thor

Maximus Thor is the star of some great vids on youtube. His dad films and edits the vids and a coworker does the voice over. It is NSFW because of language and some of the content is a bit strange, but Maximus is just acting here and does a fine job.


Add 1/3 cup extra virgin organic coconut oil to large pan. Heat on medium high heat for 2 minutes with the lid on. We’re heating the oil up (yes, u can skip this step & just throw in the kernels).

ADD 2/3 cup organic popcorn kernels, put lid back on. DO NOT leave unattended, holmes. Gently shaking the pan can help POP the popcorn more evenly, but this too is optional (you’ll get a few semi-burnt kernels, some UNPOPPED kernels, & a deep ponderful moment soaking in what could have been).

Be patient. Much like Banjo, it may take a bit to get going. Let pop until popping slows & you hear 2-3 second gaps between pops. TURN HEAT OFF & let sit with lid ON until popping stops. Add bloodstream alien salt & serve to humans/piranha.

KIDS be sure to ask mom & dad permission before doing this or your taxes. This is GROWN-UP shit mayne.

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