Man T loves her gravy: beefy noodles


Look at the size of that thing. It did not even fit on my cutting board. In the package frozen it looked comically huge, but after opening I was stunned. We go through a lot of beef. We get really cheap steaks to make fake hot beef, stew, and stroganoff. I asked JR of Hollenbeck Farms for a lean cut of cheap beef and got three of these suckers.

Theresa likes simple lunches during the work week and thought beefy noodles would be quick and easy. I got to chopping that slab.


Was gonna take a good amount of gravy so I made a bunch of roux.



the skillet was pretty full, but it worked. I blotted off most of the grease after this pic.


She should get a good 4-5 meals out of this.


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