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man it has been a heck of a few weeks redoing the kitchen


Theresa suggested we repaint our kitchen a few Fridays back. Then we both brainstormed other things we could do in the kitchen to improve it. I want to start replacing counters and cabinets, but she had the great idea of putting up tile back splashes. As you can prob see in the pic above our back splashes were toast. Stained with oily spots and years worth of meal prep. Theresa did most of the major cleaning with TSP while I smoked bacon and did other errands. Our kitchen was cluttered and we have eaten out or ordered in a lot. I so need a week of really good home cooked meals soon.

The colors are pretty cool, kinda reminds me of Arby’s. I need one of those gallon pumpers of horsey sauce 😉 The tile came out awesome. Took a lot more of it than we thought it would. Put the chalkboard paint on the cupboards. Some shelves are going up tonight above the stove and Theresa is almost done with the grout work. With this and the porch step project it has drained us. So close to being done. I was going to wait till it was all done to post, but figured what the heck. Close enough. My MMF vids should be a bit nicer now too.




So the sink area is the first to get remodeled here in a month or so. Going to buy one piece a month and then do a large install. Should take quite a while actually. Might get some cabinets installed above the old sink for now. We are waiting on tiling the back splash until the new sink base and cupboards are in. Going to use some of the left over paint to do a quick coat on the bathroom and the pantry and cupboard insidey parts need a coat.

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