Man Bait


Man Bait Maple Bacon Lollipops are pretty darn good actually. Michelle gifted me a few of these and I have been wanting to try them. I did make a video of me enjoying one, but it was all slurpy and kind of gross, so pictures and a description will suffice. (your welcome)

The bacon bits are very fine particles with a rich red color. The smell is a bit smoky with a hint of maple syrup. They must have worked on getting the balance right, because it is much better tasting than I thought it would be. Not greasy at all and the smoky aftertaste is very pleasant. I did the lick, lick, lick chomp like the owl in the commercial. Sweet and salty heaven. A lot of the baconized stuff out there that I have tried has not been all that great, and none compare to these. Highly recommend trying some if you get the chance.

Thanks Michelle 🙂

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