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making bacon part 3


These have been curing in kosher salt and brown sugar for almost 12 days. About every two days I pour the liquid out and repack / rub the slabs with fresh and reused salt and sugar. The pretty red is gone. I am doing this all natural so no preservatives and the red color is only visible in a few spots. Mostly where it has sat in the liquid. There is a slight odor, but it is not a rotten smell, a slightly pork juice aroma and the brown sugar smell is the most prominent. The liquid has been coming out less and less. I bet a good quarter gallon to half a gallon of juice has been poured off.

This weekend I will rinse, scrub, and soak the slabs to pull some of the salt out and uncrust the outside. I still have to rig up my cold smoker idea which will involve a computer fan running off a battery, my old bullet smoker, some metal flexible tubing for dryer vents, my big smoker, and possibly a hot plate.


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