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faltins windsor loin pork

Bummed I did not talk about the auction a little earlier cuz the foam finger would of worked out well. That there is a smoked pork loin. It is a thing of beauty. I got six chops sliced off of that, thick. I got a lot of stuff from them.
– the chops
– 2 kinds of jerky
– 2 kinds of bacon, regular and peppered
– some dried beef which they have won awards for
– some cottage bacon

I asked if they would double smoke some bacon for me. She said no problem. I just need to call and wait for it to get made. Sweeeeeeeet.

So at the auction we made a pretty good haul. Theresa’s Mom picked up a bunch of her parents belongings. I got some strange stuff.
– propane grill with two propane tanks for T’s Grandpa (dad side)
– old school charcoal grill
– snow shovels
– lawn rakes
– a creeper (car roller underer) which I left there 🙁
– jack stands and an old gas can
– a 2 ton car jack
– some old tupperware and tupperware like pitchers
– 10 empty popcorn tins (I thought one looked like an antique, but it was not)
– some old pyrex glass stove top cookware
– and a mint early electric brother typewriter. hoping to get good $ on ebay for it.

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