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Maggie not having a good morning, but this afternoon looks better


Maggie woke Theresa up at 4:30 this morning and she was struggling to breathe. It is like a shallow deep and slow pant. She was struggling to keep her head up. She does have a growth under her neck and that was one of our main concerns. She was shaking a bunch too. She did not want to go out, did not eat her breftest, and refused her peanut butter on a cracker with her meds mooshed in. Theresa had to jam her pills in her mouth. I took the morning off and cuddled with her. She eventually fell asleep and her breathing seemed to get back to normal when she was sleeping. I took a nap with her and she is doing much better, but still seems unhappy.

She has been on the steroids before and it makes he pee a bunch. It also helped the tumors go down. She is covered in fatty tumors and we have had a few removed. Her red cell count was low yesterday and she is old so surgery is too risky. Her other pill is an anti inflammatory painkiller. We keep an eye on her and hope for the best. Thanks for the well wishes.

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