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Maggie is old


Our Maggiepoo is getting up there in years. She is pert near 13 years old and she has been getting old really fast lately. 2 months ago we think she fell off Theresa’s bed, which is on the floor for her, and injured herself. We took her in back then and they gave her some steroids to build back up. Well during that time she has gotten very hard of hearing, has more fatty tumors, her hips seem to hurt her while walking, and tears up a bunch. Theresa describes her trips down the stairs to go outside as a controlled fall. Her hips seem to be hurting her and arthritic. We took her to the vet again tonight and have put her on some more pills to manage her lumps and pain.

She is such a sweetheart who is very skittish. She got decent results, but not the best from a bit of blood work. We are not trying to prolong her life, just make it more comfortable. She is the best and we will make sure she can enjoy life as long as she is able to enjoy it.

Dogs rule, and Maggie has been my friend for 12 + years. And hoping many more. She is not on a death spiral, but she is pretty darn old. Last time she got meds it made a huge difference. We hope this next round eases her easy life for a while longer. Cutest thing is how Thunky so wants to snuggle with Maggie. Maggie wants nothing to do with Thunky, but Thunkers does not care. He sneaks snuggles in.

Theresa finally named the roomba. Kennith

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