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maggie is going under the knife today

after loosing Cloe we are not gonna let Maggie go for a long time. We took her in for a screening and she seems pretty good cept for her teeth. We did not notice it, but she has bad teeth. One of her canines is broke and another is really messed up. The gums around it are so bad that it is all scar tissue. So she gonna loose a few teeth and get the rest cleaned.

Also she, like her sister Josie, has fatty tumors. One is pretty big on her back, about the sise of a lime. We have had it checked about 2 years ago and they said it was nothing to worry about, but it has gotten bigger so they gonna get it out of there. Maggie is a year older than Cloe was, so she about 70 years in diggie time. She is quite skittish as well. Ever since Cloe went away Maggie has been afraid to get into the car. After today I doubt she will ever trust the car again. She was shaking so much. The vets were really nice and feeling sorry for her. They gonna take extra special care of her.


Fuggles update: Wow she used to be so tiny, now she is 50 lbs and seems to have slowed growing. hoping she does not get too much bigger. She is still a terror and chews on everything and us. We do not trust her alone at all. She has no problem going into her kennel so it is all good. She does not piddle in the house anymore, has learned to drink from the toilet, and loves her squeaky football. We, well mostly Theresa, have been running her on the treadmill about 5 times a week. She is getting really good at it. Runs about 5-6 MPH for 2+ miles. I cannot wait to get her out on the trails. She gonna be a trail doggie weather she likes it or not. My goal is for her to come on tues night rides this spring.

About 3 weeks ago she pooped while running on the treadmill, I hear it was gross. She now gets a break after each mile. i finally saw her drag her ass on the carpet this morning. it was actually really funny and cute, butt (he he) we need to get t hat checked out.

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