Maggie is doing fine

Maggie, my pooch is about 9 years old. After loosing Cloe by not catching that she was sick early enough we will not let Maggie go so soon.

She got a health screening and everything came back good. She is going to need some major dental work done though. Her teeth are pretty nasty and one of her canines is broke. Her gums around another canine is really messed up and needs work. Guess I need to get on the doggie teeth brushing. mmmmmm…… poultry flavored.

Bummer about Maggie is that she is very skittish and not much of a cuddle buddy. Fuggles is not all that cuddly either. Cloe was tha absolute best cuddler ever. She needed to be next to a human always if possible. Many a night I fell a sleep spoonin her. I miss that. Fuggles will put up with some cuddles, but hardly wants them.

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