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made my own A-14609 ONE-WAY GATE for BOP

This part is no longer available, not even from Steve Young. I had to improvise. This is my test run, and holy crap it works perfectly.

I owned my BOP for 10 years before I played another in the wild and saw the one way gate from the pop bumpers. I lived with instant drains for ten fricking years before I knew the darn game came with a one way gate to keep that from happening. After searching I knew I had to just make one.

I found some stainless and worked it as best I could. It turned out pretty good actually. I used some super thick piano wire to make the wire, but it some how totally worked. They sell the wire, so I am going to pick that up. I have new posts on the way. Just need to tweak my little frame a bit I bet.

The test wireform works so well it is just strange as hell. It does its job so well I had insane mindfarts when I played with it first. I was ready to put a bit of english on the machine to catch a straight down the middle shot when the gate stopped it. Just wow. The game is almost fair now. It drained so hard on all who played it. Having that bit fixed makes it a whole new game. When it is not there it is just cruel.



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