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macbook air is cute as heck

So I was having a heck of a time with my work PC. I tried 4 different linux distributions and each one was having major issues. Freezing for a few seconds, completely locking up, or restarting X. It kept getting worse too. There were some spots on my LCD which I figured were deap pixels. Ended up plugging in my graphics card from home after hearing the story of the vid card before it got to me. Yup the whole time it was the vid card. Working on getting it replaced and in the meantime I have a mackbook air to test out.

Besides being so cute and tiny it is pretty badass. I have never used a mac of any sort besides the floor model at Comp USA in Omaha. I took a look around and kinda sorta got it down. The air has a multi touch trackpad and it allows you to do some cool stuff. There is no scroll bar on the side, you two finger scroll in any direction. Lucky for me the guys here know their way around and have clued me into some stuff. The one USB is currently taken up by an ethernet adapter, I could really use a mouse. The thing is so tiny.

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