lone star western beef jerky


This stuff is really good. I finally bit the bullet and picked up a pound of it at Ken’s Keg’s which seems to be the only place selling it in the big packs. Lots of stores have the jars where you buy a single piece, and a while back you could get small packages. I heard the supplier who brought this stuff in closed shop, but seems someone else is selling it again. i can find no website for the jerky, only finding info on them.

Lone Star Western Beef Incorporated
(304) 368-0691
Rr 3 Box 5, Fairmont, WV 26554

It is really dense and has a unique flavor, but it all comes down to the salt. It is the saltiest jerky I have ever had. If you let the moist pieces dry out a white crust of salt will cover the whole thing (my favorite way to eat it). I can only make it through 2 pieces in a sitting. Goes great with beer. Just look at the salt fresh from the vacuum seal.


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  1. Charles E Aulbach

    Check Fox News for 6 Dec 17. Lone Star Western is defunct and in court. Looks like no more good, salt jerky.

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