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Logitech revue google TV banished to the basement


The Roku has moved into the living room and the GTV went down to the BorKade. We really like the GTV, but it has a problem that has not been resolved from what I can find. It has an issue streaming netflix, which is what we use it for 90% of the time. It gets frustrating. Our normal fix is to reboot the GTV, but that does not always work.

When the revue came out we knew we were getting a beta product that was not perfect, but it worked pretty good with the software installed on it. They rolled out updates often and we had few problems until they decided to replace the OS with android. The new features and apps were a welcome change, but the theory is that the hardware is just not powerful enough to run well. I tried all the fixes I could fine including hard wiring it to our router. Still netflix would hang. The netflix app is the same one used on newer TVs with google TVs installed and those devices do not have the problem.

The Roku has less features, but it rocks netflix with ease so it goes into the main netflix watching room. I am excited to have the GTV downstairs. I now can stream google music and surf the interwebz without using my phone or lappy.

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