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live blogging hallows eve mwahahaha


9:45 gave up and decided to hide the leavings. Last year much better. Not a great neighborhood to hit for sure.

9:02 just got hit by a professional gang. 6 of them descended and swooped up the treats. I saw their bags and some kids were slaying. PB cups hit the hardest but the hershey’s almond and milk choc made kids get all excited and happy. I even heard a thanks. I am satisfied. 40 more minutes to get something.

8:40 just want to make it clear children ar our future. FSM save us all 😉

8:30 two tiny kids get to choose from the tray of goodies. Power ranger is uber stoked by the 3 cup PB cups. Fuggles wormed her way out of her shirt only to have it put back on, The neck is stretched beyond belief.


8:12 just got slaughtered by 3 groups of kids. Runza football guy ( I head butted his shoulder pad which caused him to recoil. Prediction: Runza team looses this year), couple witches. The three piece reeses cups were the fave. Snickers almost gone.

Keep getting the “can I have two” bullshit. As a kid I never asked for two, but now it seems the norm. It is not about what you can get from one place, but how many places you hit.

Kids these days.

7:40 a couple more kids and the neighbor girl. She got 3 cuz she rules.
Getting a bit worried that I will be sitting on pounds of candy.

7:20 4 youngins. A jason, swamp thing, princess, and devil chick. Two of them grabbed take 5’s strange cuz I thought those would not do well. A PB cup and snickers.

Fuggles is now in a costume and really pissed about it.


6:50 my first victims. Two older girls, prob 15ish and their father. One a cat other something. I have placed the candy in a big ol pan so no digging. Grab one and move along.

Of course the dogs are freaking out and the father wants to talk dog with me. He likes mutts, loves that I have mutts. Mentions that his dog did not like blacks or mexicans. Guess what buddy I am mexican, fucktard. My whole fricking neighborhood is hispanic. Good luck there #3 hat wearing guy.

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