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live blogging halloween 2011

7:59 two tweens dressed in suspenders, black rimmed glasses, and suspenders said they were nerds. They looked more like lumber jacks to me. Seems the flow has ground to a halt 🙁
At least we have a lot of candy left over 🙂

7:49 a couple of stragglers. It seems we get hit hard right away by the neighbor crews and it dies soon after. I have been invited over to a fellow pinball guys garage to party. We are going to keep going for 20 more minutes and I will prob head over there. At least we have lots of candy to nom.



7:25 a bumblebee and a princess. Took zobert over to the neighbors in her cheerleader outfit




Lucy the neighbor dog got all decked out in her squirrel costume. Princess Lea (Geeky) stopped by with Aaron and Karen. It was awesome.

6:53 power ranger, princess, cowgirl from toy story, a skeleton, and the banditos tried to hit me again. I threw them a few minis and told them to not try again.

6:41 nothing yet


lots more full bars in the packs still

6:05 got hit up by a bunch of neighbor banditos with just hankies over their faces. Sent Theresa out for more candy. No attempt at a costume and you get minis. You make an effort at dressing up you get full size bars.


6 PM got the LED changing porch light and LEd strips up. Theresa did some webs and window decals. LED rope light down the stairs. No need to chalk candy arrows this year. just seems creepy the next day 😉

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