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Lincoln crimestoppers website up. help them and earn $

Mr. Wilson posted about this. Lincoln Crimestoppers is a site asking for your help to solve some cases. You can earn $ rewards for information.

I am mixed on crimestoppers. It provides a service, but I have been a victim of crimestoppers and it remains on my record to this day. About 6 years ago two plainclothes sheriffs came to my door and wanted to search my property because someone had said I was dealing crack cocaine. It was not the first time we had been accused of dealing crack. About 3 months before LPD came to our door wanting to talk to Theresa because she was accused of beating another girl for a crack deal gone wrong. Anyway I exercised my rights by refusing to have my person, property, and possessions searched. After about 30 minutes of speaking with the sheriffs I was informed that they could get a warrant and since it was crimestoppers the only way for me to clear my name was for me to allow them to search and they left.

So I did some research and visited the LPD, city and county attorneys, sheriffs office, and asked my mom and others of what I could do to clear my name. Turns out nothing. About a month later one of the sheriffs came into Sandy’s where I was working and I asked him about it. He remembered me and said they believed that I was not a crack dealer and that they had no reason to get a search warrant, but that it would remain as a questionable mark on my record from now on. He agreed that it does suck.

So about 3 years ago I had my first run in with an officer while riding my bike in Pioneers park after closing hours. He was standing next to me when he called my ID in and I could hear the response from indicating that there was something questionable on my record, but dispatch (or what ever it is called) did not have any specific information. I am basically guilty until proven innocent from now on. That sucks balls.

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